World class cyber security


World class unique Cyberyacht design, inspection and crew training for cyber security & safety.

Race Teams

Specialist Services for Racing Teams to mitigate external cyber risks to sensitive data and operating systems.

Family Office

Reputational and data protection systems for High Net Worth Families and those who serve them.


Cyber Risk Mitigation protection for large vessels and platforms using our unique, high value integrated approach.


High experience in government cyber risk and reputational protection systems including our proven Exec Sim 2.0 cyber crisis readiness tool.

Global Insurance

Unique, high value, best-in-class Insurance Risk Management services from risk algorithms to expert witness.


Protect your organisation

from cyber threats with Cyberplus

Cyberplus’ unique Cyber Executive Services allow today’s senior IT Leaders to add capability enhancements that protect their reputations, organisations and data.

These include a unique combination of human capability and process enhancements that ensure gaps are closed and “doors are tightened”.

Incident Response