cyberplus is now a part of the infosec partners group

About Cyberplus

Cyberplus is an internationally focussed British company, registered in the City of London. Co-founded by Chris Parker MBE and Mark Oakton, Cyberplus is a UK LLC (VAT Registered) and supported by Infosec Partners

Cyberplus was acquired by Infosec Partners on 25th September 2020. Please click here for more details on the acquisition.

Mark Oakton
Cyberplus Security Director & Co-founder Security Director, Infosec Partners Group. A recognised industry expert in information and Cyber Security, Mark Oakton has provided trusted advice, devised security strategies and managed all aspects of security and Cyber assurance. He has devised solutions for many significant organisations from sensitive government departments, airport groups, banking, media and high-profile families.

Mark Oakton – Full Bio