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In their report ‘Update on the National Cyber Security Programme’ published Sept 2014, the National Audit Office revealed that, “While the government has made good progress improving its understanding of cyber threats to national security, there is still room for improvement across the wider public sector.”  But then came austerity and budget cuts…!

  • How can you help yourself and your team when you are so busy in a challenging role often with limited resources?
  • Cyberplus help you to efficiently and easily follow National and Local Government’s intentions to raise staff awareness and leadership team knowledge.
  • A staff survey and assessment followed by a low-cost workshop is an ideal way for any UK Public Sector organisation to change the culture in an ever-changing cyber security field.

Public data is a paramount importance to us all but at an increasing risk due to cyber-crime and also staff and procedural error.

Please click here for the UK’s most successful cyber risk mitigation system, Exec Sim 2.0.

Our Executive Readiness systems are well suited to developing the most valuable and ‘already funded’ cyber defence system – you and your staff. By developing more effective skills and procedures you can achieve a lot by a high value, low cost leadership patch or short management programme. It also adds to competency and job satisfaction, reducing the risk of staff ‘churn’.

Other systems available to enhance Public Sector Cyber Readiness:

  • Cyber Strategy Review and Sounding Board.
  • Development of Preparedness Culture.
  • Unbiased and confidential expert advice.
  • Independent measurement of exposure.

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