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The global Insurance Sector faces many challenges internally and externally with Cyber Risk.

Cyberplus have developed a ground-breaking system of systems that uniquely unlocks the significant cyber risk assessment and risk mitigation challenges that face the global Insurance Industry today.

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Chris Parker MBE writes on the challenges for today’s Insurance Industry experts:

Cyber Risk Management is an early stage, fast-growing market with some common factors:

  1. A lack of actuarial data (people often don’t report attacks).
  2. Reputational concerns for those involved/reporting.
  3. The unknown nature for most ‘actors’ of the many cyber threats.
  4. Potential increasing for co-ordinated, blended attacks (multiple vectors). 
  5. Business leaders/decision makers often lack cyber: knowledge, experience and skill.
  6. Lack of coordination of response leads to wider economic impact. 

This is why we set out to solve the big problems caused by these factors. Over a year of hard work and modelling produced the unique Cyberplus System and we are delighted with the results.”

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